Monthly Archives - August 2018

How to Convert Live Photos into GIFs in iPhones

Apple with its iPhone 6 served people with Live Photos which remained in headlines for a long time. Apple introduced this feature in its phone, and everyone took significant advantage of it. It blew everyone’s mind when it came first, but later the feature was not as popular as it was before. Since Live Photos are somewhat hard to share with the devices other than iPhone with Live Photo support system, the realized that the people need something more [...]


How to Start Syncing Instagram Contacts with Facebook?

Previously, we have seen the ability to sync the phone’s contact with the Facebook’s Messenger app, which also intended to integrate most of its services with Instagram. But now, Facebook has brought a new feature to its Messenger app and that is meant to allow users to sync all of the Instagram contacts to the Facebook Messenger. Note: Before you begin using this feature, you have to make sure that you an updated version of Messenger and Instagram, and you [...]


How to Make Your Printer Outlast You?

Printers are a commonly used piece of hardware, but they are not as frequently used as smartphones or computers. People often neglect to take care of their printer. And the printers, usually due to negligence and lack of maintenance, start functioning poorly, or stop working at all. By just taking some measures, you can make sure that your printer is well-maintained. If you have a printer, but you do not know how to take care of it, then you must [...]