How to Move and Remove a OneNote Notebook from OneDrive?

Microsoft’s OneNote note is a famous and useful app among the users. It is a replacement of a paper notebook. OneNote aka digital NoteBook is a perfect software to save and manage your millions work files on a single place immediately. With the help of this, you can easily share your notes over the internet. The participants can read your notes at the same time when you have shared with them. Onenote 2016 is the original version of OneNote. Nowadays, [...]


Chrome Extensions will Available Now from Google’s Website Early

If you wish to install Chrome extensions, then good news for you, you can install it from Google’s Chrome Web Store; it will be the only place to install them. Extensions – With the help of this software you will able to do some activities like block ads, manage your tabs better, explore art on your new-tab page or cover your screen with doge dogs — means, in short, it can be useful and fun. But unfortunately, they can also [...]


How to Fix Common Printer Problem?

Printers can be constantly run for many years and still released the models by the number of companies all over the world. But sometimes the printers can be broken down or stop working. Printers are a perfect machine when they work, but when they don’t it can be exceedingly irritating for the users. The printer is one of the common requirement that every human being has in this digital world. This type of machine helps the work easy and [...]