How to Convert Live Photos into GIFs in iPhones

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How to Convert Live Photos into GIFs in iPhones

Apple with its iPhone 6 served people with Live Photos which remained in headlines for a long time. Apple introduced this feature in its phone, and everyone took significant advantage of it. It blew everyone’s mind when it came first, but later the feature was not as popular as it was before. Since Live Photos are somewhat hard to share with the devices other than iPhone with Live Photo support system, the realized that the people need something more advanced and exciting feature to have fun. In the new iOS 11 version, Apple is providing the facility that enables its user to turn the Live Photos into GIFs.

Here, how to turn Live Photos into GIFs in iPhones

  1. Open Photos app on your phone.
  2. Now go to Album and tap to open it.
  3. Tap Live Photos album.
  4. Select any picture you want to turn.
  5. Tap and swipe up from the bottom of the screen to unveil the GIF options.
  6. Once do that, the following four GIF animation options will open on the screen.
    • Loop
    • Live
    • Bounce
    • Long Exposure
  7. Choose one option you want to use for GIF animation.
  8. The GIF photo is stored in a new album called Animated.

If your device is built on iOS 10 or below, you still can turn Live Photos into GIFs.

  1. AnyTrans is an iOS File Management Tool which you can use to turn the Live Photos into GIF as well as for many other multiple purposes.
  2. Download AnyTrans and install
  3. Open AnyTrans.
  4. Now, Plug in your iPhone.
  5. Select Device Manager.
  6. Go to the Category Management section.
  7. Click Photos and go to Live Photos.
  8. Click the Settings button and choose Convert Live Photos to GIF.
  9. Choose one from options describing the quality to convert.
  10. Click Select to determine the path to save and click the Save
  11. Select Photo(s) from the list which you want to convert.
  12. Now, click Send to Mac or PC button to begin the process.
  13. You will be notified when the process is done.
  14. You can click to check the converted GIF files.

That is it! Conversion of Live Photos to GIFs is completed. Now, you can convert all your Live Photos into GIFs and remember there are some more options through which you can edit the GIF like stabilizing the shaky visuals in the GIF video. You can share it with anyone independent of the fact that the receiver has an iPhone or not.

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