How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 6000?

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How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 6000?

Steps to resolve Canon Printer Error Code 6000 on your PC

When someone thinks of the word print, the name instantly comes in the mind Canon. Canon is one the leading company which provides us multiple products like camera, printers in different models, rates, and features. It is a company which provides you photo printer basically, it is a photo printer best for home and office uses. It boasts with Auto Duplex prints, Auto Photo Fix, Borderless printing, Document printing and 2-way paper feeding.  It has a feature of 5 individual ink tanks. However, impressive features do not always mean that everything is perfect because of these good features there is some technical issues which can be occurred during the time of printing.

A Flashing Canon Printer Error code 6000 is one of the most common errors faced by every user. Canon provides services with their best features, but sometimes companies are always responsible when some technical issues occur. Error 6000 is the line feed error which can occur in any of the photo printers.

But while printing the error 6000 occurs then it will damage your printer internally or sometimes damage your window operating system, keyboard or mouse input.

Causes of Canon Printer Error Code 6000

Let’s talk about the causes to protect you from different causes that are occurred during the time of error 6000. There are so many factors due to which Error occurs. It might destroy your window registry system or computer or printer might be shut down for few seconds don’t get panic it will automatically restart. Here, 3 main causes of error 6000 which can be described below in detail error 6000 means there is a problem in the line feed-

  • The line feed is either scratched or smeared.
  • Some small particles, debris or a foreign object is stuck in the L.F Drive.
  • There might be any defect in-line feed slit os sensor unit.

But sometimes there is a possibility in occurring of error 6000 is that of continuous usage of the printer or the printer is heated because of the temperature issue, inside and outside temperature of the printer may different so the error can occur.  The Canon printers can recommend some minimum and maximum temperature to their users for the best use of printers.

How to fix Canon Printer Error 6000?

There are many solutions to fix the error 6000 some will be described by us to you. Follow these steps and you can get your solution to fix the error 6000. Error 6000 as we tell you earlier is the line feed error in your printer.

Method -1

These steps are very easy to follow and understand. While following the steps just remember you have to follow carefully.

  • For a smeared and scratched line feed, simply clean the LF and EJ slit film with a noncorrosive solution.
  • For stuck particles, debris or foreign object in the LF drive removed the jammed object carefully.
  • For any defective printer part, replace the defective component. The defective components will include one or more of these items i.e LF/ EJ slit film, LF/ EJ timing sensor unit, paper feed roller unit, logic board and paper feed motor.

If you are still troubleshooting with the problem of error 6000 then follow the second method you will get the best result.


Resetting or restart your printer might help you in solving the error 6000. Below we discuss how to reset your printer.

  • Unplug your printer from the power plug, and leave it for few seconds in the “Pause Mode”.
  • Now, plug the power cord on the power plug and “Switch On” the printer.
  • Press and “Hold” the power button for few seconds. Then press the “Stop” button Twice.
  • Repeat this procedure one more time.
  • This time keep in your mind that slowly release the “Power” button.
  • Press the “Stop” four times.

This method surely helps you and clear the continuously shows error 6000 message from your computer screen.

If you are still unable to solve the Canon Error code 6000 then refer the manual provided to you with the printer by the companies or you can take help from your experts by only dialling the Canon printer  support number.

Canon Printer Support 24*7 always helps you in finding your problem instantly. For instant help just dial the toll-free number of Canon printer customer support.

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