How to Make Your Printer Outlast You?

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How to Make Your Printer Outlast You?

Printers are a commonly used piece of hardware, but they are not as frequently used as smartphones or computers. People often neglect to take care of their printer. And the printers, usually due to negligence and lack of maintenance, start functioning poorly, or stop working at all. By just taking some measures, you can make sure that your printer is well-maintained.

If you have a printer, but you do not know how to take care of it, then you must follow some basic printer maintenance tips to ensure that its condition does not deteriorate. If your printer is acting up and throws fits from time to time, then by taking care of it you can nurse it back to health. Here is what you need to do to make your printer last a lifetime:

Manually clean the print head

Firstly, you absolutely need to clean the printer’s print head on a regular basis. Doing it once every few weeks should be fine. To get the most out of your printer, you need gather some supplies(lukewarm water and paper towels) and wipe the print head clean.

Remove the accumulated debris and dust

From lack of use, dust builds up inside the printer. Also, external debris may affect the cartridge. It may also lead to paper jamming. Get a lint-free soft rag and dab it in a little water or rubbing alcohol. Using the slightly wet rag, wipe the insides of the printer gently yet thoroughly.

Get a maintenance kit

Funding in a maintenance kit for your printer is a wise decision. It will consist of printer parts which you can use as and when they need to be replaced. With the passage of time, the machinery undergoes wear-and-tear. Hence, get a maintenance kit for your printer.

Get good toner cartridges

Nowadays, there is an array of options available for toners. While many people often go for the cheapest option, it may not always be a right decision for your printer. Not only do bad quality toners generate bad prints, but they also adversely affect the hardware of the machine.

Carefully replace the toner cartridges

You must be extremely cautious while handling toner cartridges. IF you are going to be using the printer frequently, then you must go through the toner replacement instructions given in the printer’s manual. Also, if you have invested in a low-quality cartridge, then you need to be extra cautious while handling them, considering how dainty they are.

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