HP or Brother Printer: Why One Is Not Behind The other?

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HP or Brother Printer: Why One Is Not Behind The other?

Having quality printers are necessary whether it is in your home, office, or corporation. Two of the most leading brands of printers are HP and Brother. Both of these brands cater to a wide range of customers and their preferences; hence they have an array of printers to fit people’s needs. Because of the number of options available, deciding which printer to buy can be a bit complicated. Your best bet is to buy all-in-one i.e. multifunctional printers which do the job of printing, scanning, and copying.

Brother Printers

Brother printers have won a number of awards and accolades over the years. They offer premium quality, well-designed prints. They cater to people who need printers for home, home-based offices, office, network work groups, etc. Brother printers have a printing solution for all. Since a while, Brother Printers have been consistently providing quality laser, LED, Inkjet and multi-purpose printers. It employs state of the art technology to make the printers ensuring that they have innovative features without being too pricey. With Brother Printers, you do not have to spend too much for quality.

HP Printers

HP or Hewlett Packard is a well-established company which manufactures many hardware and software components. HP is a go-to brand when it comes to computers and periphery accessories. When it comes to printers, HP is known to be affordable and reliable. As a matter of fact, the HP LaserJet Printer was the first desktop laser printer in the world.  HP Printers judiciously use the ink cartridge and offer many numbers of prints as compared to their competitors. The quality of the prints is decent even in the base models of HP Printers.

The contrast between HP Printer and Brother Printer

Print Quality

HP printer models are known to deliver high-quality text prints. Even though HP models print well, Brother Printers print sleeker and sharper letters. If you wish to print graphics in PDF’s then you should go for HP because it’s HP’s specialty. Both of the brands print detailed and saturated graphics having smooth transitions in photos. If you are looking for glossy photo prints then you should consider investing in inkjet printers. HP printer models print photos in a slightly warmer tone, which may not be liked by everyone. Brother printers on the other hand print in more natural tones. The more expensive models of both HP and Brother Printers take good care of all the fine details and color saturation. Prints from cheaper models may flatten out the shadow areas and lack details.

Major Functions

As of now, Brother Printers have 23 color Inkjet printers, 24 Black and White Laser printers, and 6 LED technology color laser printers in production. Whereas, HP has 44 Laser Printers, 66 Inkjet printers, and 9-page wide array printers in current production. The laser printers of Brother have the prefix of HL or DCP and HP laser printers are called HP LaserJet. Some of the laser printers of Brother have multi-function features but most of them can only perform a print function. Around half of HP’s laser printers are multi-functional and they can print, copy, fax, and scan. A handful of Brother Printers does have duplex printing capability i.e. they can print on both sides of paper simultaneously.

Capacity and performance

Usually, all laser printers have a standard paper tray. Some better and expensive models have two paper trays and they also have the option to add three more trays. The usual capacity of paper tray is 500 sheets but Brother HL-4570CDWT comes with an 800 sheet capacity. The maximum in-built memory capacity for Brother Printer is 128MB and for HP Laser printers it is 512MB. The printing speed of Brother Printers range from 19 to 42 ppm and for HP it is 12 to 52 ppm.

Customer Support

Round the clock customer support service is available for both HP and Brother Printers. The Brother Printer Support team consists of trained professionals who troubleshoot all printer related issues. HP Printer Support can be reached by calling on their toll-free number.

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