Managing App Permission on Android Oreo 8.0

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Managing App Permission on Android Oreo 8.0

A fantastic feature in Oreo 8.0 Android called App Permission restricts the installed apps to get access to our phone. The apps will ask for the permission to use the camera, contacts, sensor calendar, etc. Oreo 8.0 is another product of Google, designed to make the use of phones a lot easier, safer and faster. The developer had installed new changes in the Settings menu and included new options which give the user more control on their device and apps. This Android version lets users decide and limit the app to use the Smartphone and its assets. In other words, it possible to take control over the apps downloaded into the device.

 Previously, Android provided the permission to know about the application what application could access our phone after the downloading from Google Play store, but further modification was not allowed. Now the things have changed. If it is found that an app is using or getting unwanted access in the device, it can be modified anytime. The facility of App permission in Oreo 8.0 is accommodating to secure our device. In the Settings menu, you can easily modify your downloaded apps by giving controlled access for limited use of your device.

Here is the process to control the application permission:

  1.    Go to the Setting Menu of your Oreo device.
  2.    Go to “App & Notifications” and tap “App permissions.” It will display you the list of the permission granted to the apps.
  3.    Now go to “App info” where all the downloaded apps are.
  4.    Tap on any app you want to modify.

Suppose, if you want to modify Google Chrome then tap on it.

  1.    A new tab will open with few options.
  2.    Tap on “Permissions” and modify according to your wish.
  3.    If you want to restrict the app to access the particular assets or function.
  4.    A message will display on your device screen.
  5.    Tap “DENY ANYWAY” to disable the function.

The app is now disabled to perform the particular function that you wish to stop; and you now have complete control over the apps to access your phone. This is a way to a new level of ownership on the device as the apps can be modified according to their needs and requirements. The limitations lead to the privacy and security of our Smartphone.

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