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How To Use Epson Printer Through Epson Connect?

Epson Connect is a latest software or service offered by Epson which allow users to connect with Epson printers over the internet or local network. Now you can go mobile anywhere without any tension. With the help of Epson Connect solutions you can print your documents or photos from your office, home or anywhere around the globe using your mobile pc, smartphone or tablet.

Epson Connect offers the below given 4 services to its users.

Email Print: With the unique feature of Email Print you may print your documents or photos from anywhere in this world. Here you just need to email your files to an Epson printer’s assigned unique email id for automatic printing of your job. It also virtually supports many of the email-enabled devices. Email Print not only allows you to send emails but with the help of it you can also cancel the print jobs, enable and edit the list of approved senders, change print settings and can even configure new settings related to your email notifications.

Epson iPrint Mobile App: This feature allows you to scan or print  your webpages, documents and photos even from your tablet or smartphone. You just need to share and print your files using Google Drive, Microsoft Onedrive, Evernote, Box or Dropbox etc. It is available for free, and can be easily downloaded from the Google play store or App Store.

Scan to Cloud: With the help of this service you can scan any file from an Epson printer and can upload it to your cloud or online storage account. Documents can be easily printed directly from the printer’s control panel or from Epson iPrint Mobile App supported by Google Drive, Microsoft Onedrive, Evernote, Box or Dropbox etc. Other available features in this include like you can create the destination list, operate the control panel of your printer and can check the scan log etc.

Remote Print: Now you can print your stuff in seconds using your desktop or laptop beyond your office or home network destinations. Remote Print provides you the facility to print from compatible Epson printer anywhere from any application.

Please remember that, before using any of the services provided by Epson Connect you need to register your printer first with Epson Connect account. This can be easily done by following the instructions given on the Epson support website or by calling 24/7 toll-free Epson printer helpline number +1-844-867-9017 (US) where experts can register your printer with Epson Connect in just few minutes.

If ever you were not using these services before but now interested, or having trouble with the use of them, please feel free to contact with Epson printer customer support to get experts help. You may avail completely free usability training related to these services by calling toll-free on Epson printer support phone number +1-844-867-9017 (US).