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Troubleshooting installation & communication issues with Epson scanner in Mac OS X

If you are facing any problems with your Mac OS X related to the installation of your Epson All-in-one/scanner device with it or in running a proper scan process from your Mac PC, then there are possibilities that it may be occurring due to incorrect communication between your scanner and the computer. Other example of installation & communication related problem can be noticed in the form of regular software error messages by your device resulting in poor image quality or temporary scanning failures.

We will also advise you to make sure that you are using the latest version of Mac OS X for hassle free operation. If any new system updates are available, first download and install them, then restart your Mac PC before going for any kind of troubleshooting.

Available solutions by Epson printer support:

In order to quickly troubleshoot the issues with your Epson scanner you may follow the below given procedures which are mainly divided into three major consecutive checks. Please note that, this troubleshooting is only applicable to scanners or All-in-one devices which are connected to your Macintosh PC via FireWire cable connection or an USB. If you are working with Epson All-in-one wirelessly or using Epson Wi-Fi, the following setup to check the direct cable connection do not applies. 

(1)- Isolating the Epson scanner issue, means making a start with standard check-ups:

(a)- Check that the scanner is powered on.

(b)- Check if any error indicator in red or amber color is blinking. If yes, then attend to these first with the help of user manual.

(c)- It may be a USB or FireWire, check whether data cable is properly connected to both the ends or not.

(d)-  From the “Applications or Utilities” option open the System Profiler and check whether USB or FireWire scanner is detected or not.

(e)- If the scanner is appearing over there, means that the scanner is detected by your Mac PC but the possible issue may be due to incorrect driver installation or Mac operating system is not up to date.

(f)- If the scanner does not appear, it means that there may be a physical communication problem between scanner and PC. Here you need to check the data cable connections once again.


(2)- Testing the Epson scanner operation process:

If the Epson scanner is successfully detected by your Mac and there are no error warning indicators displayed, you may test the Epson scanner’s operation using the Epson Scan. It could be easily found located in the Applications folder of your machine. Now try to scan a document. Please note that you should use the Twain compliant application like Adobe Photoshop if your scanner is using Epson Twain feature.

On the other hand, you may use the “image Capture” option to test your Epson scanner. If it scans properly, it’s ok, otherwise the issue may be because of Epson scan software. To resolve the same you immediately contact to Epson scanner support for quick help.


(3)- Checking the driver version of Epson scanner:

Sometimes the issue arises due to corrupt or outdated Epson scanner driver. If the problem persist, latest & updated Epson scanner drivers, applications and utilities can be easily downloaded from the Epson support website. We will recommend making sure that you must always use the latest version of scanner drivers depending upon your product model which are periodically updated by Epson.

If the problem still goes on and issue doesn’t resolve, you may take help from Epson experts. Technicians at Epson printer support are knowledgeable enough to resolve any of your printer or scanner issue in few minutes, and that too online. 24/7 instant Epson printer customer support can be availed by calling Epson printer support phone number 1-844-867-9017 (US Toll-free).