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How to Fix Error “Invalid Toner Cartridge” or “Invalid Refill” in Lexmark Printer?

Facing “Invalid Toner Cartridge” or “Invalid Refill” Error Message in Lexmark Printer? Any of the following error message: Error: “Invalid Toner Cartridge” or Error: “Invalid Refill” or Message: “Change Cartridge” may appear on the printer display if you just have installed a new toner cartridge into the printer. Though, every time this may not be specifically a toner cartridge problem and sometimes you bump into this error because of a stuck cover open switch on the printer. To make sure that [...]


How to Fix Lexmark Printer Firmware Error 900?

Lexmark printers have invented a name for themselves in the imaging and printing hardware producers. These printers are technologically sound and bundled with the latest hardware of best quality to build the machine last. Although these printing devices have become a common object at homes and offices alike, some problems are created to appear over the course of use, after all these are devices! So one of the most common issues which have come we are facing is regarding [...]


How to Install the Lexmark Printer Software?

How to install Lexmark printer: Using the CD that comes with your Lexmark printer, you can install the printer software or you can download it by visiting the Lexmark Web site at www.lexmark.com. Software installation process using the CD that comes with your printer Close all the running software applications. Now insert the printer software CD. On your desktop, double-click the Lexmark Printer CD icon that will display the Lexmark printer installer dialog. On this dialog there are Install icon and the Help [...]