How to Update Brother Printer Firmware on a Windows Computer?

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How to Update Brother Printer Firmware on a Windows Computer?

Printers are not just for printing anymore. Nowadays, printers are not working only to print documents or files, but it is also used as in scanning, fax and can also connect to the Internet. A printer is a machine which makes the person’s life very easy and simple by helping them in their work. Brother’s manufactures a number of printers that adjust in every need of small or large scale businesses or home and office use.

As we all aware with the facts that every machine or software needs updates, when any new updates released by the company then the machine or software appears a message on the screens of the system by beeping, popup messages on the screen, warning messages on the display panel of the system or printer.

Here, we discuss how to update Brother Printer Firmware on a Windows computer? This question arises many times when you are unable to update the printer with the new updated version. Updating the printer is a very simple process by following some of the steps you can easily update your printer.

Procedure to Update Brother Printer Firmware on a Windows Computer

Sometimes, updating the Brother printer firmware will delete some of the user data from the Brother printer or systems like secured print data, caller ID log, an outgoing message, and some more features depending on the model of the machine. We recommend that read the installation notes carefully on the downloading page before running the firmware update tool on your printer.

The Brother printer firmware updating process may take up to 15 minutes. Once the process of updating the printer starts do not restart or turn off the computer until the process is completed.

Step-1:  Print a test page from the printer to verify that the printer can print a file or not.

 Step-2:  If you can not print, then the firmware update will fail, so first troubleshoot the printing issue. Then after the update it.

Step-3: Download Firmware Update Tool from the official brother’s website

Step-4: Click on the instruction option “how to navigate to the downloads page”.

 Step-5: After downloading the navigate page, browse the location of the file where it was saved and “Double-Click” on it.

 Step-6: Follow the instructions displayed on your operating system:

If a file download security window appears on the screen with an option to Run, then

  1. “Save, or Cancel” option
  2. Then click on the “Run” button. Some other security windows may appear on the screen,
  3. Again click on the “Run or Continue” button.

Step-7: Choose the machine from the list given and click on the “Next or Continue” button.

Step-8: A notice appears on screen about the type of the information collected during the firmware update, if you agree with the conditions then click on the “I Accept” button.

Step-9:  If asked for a password, Enter the “Brother Printer password”, and then click on the “OK”  button to continue.

Step-10: The updating process will start.

Step-11: Once the firmware update process is completed, then the message “Successfully Completed” will appear on the system.

Aforementioned steps are simple and easy to follow the process and surely you are able to update your printer. But still, you are facing problem in updating Brother Printer Firmware update then need not to worry, you have another option to connect with the Brother customer support. the experts and technicians of Brother will available 24*7 to help you. For instant assistance, dial the toll-free number of Brother Printer support.

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